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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 2, 2016 1:07am-2:07am EST

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? ? anything christmas related added to a drink makes it 10 times better. so if you put holiday spices in a flat white that makes that flat white 10 times better because that's the legitimate mathematical equation for what christmas does to everything.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: she is a a grammy-winning artist who is out with her very first holiday album, "a very kacey christmas." performing her original christmas song, "present without a bow," please welcome kacey musgraves! [ cheers and applause ] ?
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? we've been moving too fast and we should slow down come and sit by the fire stop rushing around ? ? cause this time of year so don't leave me lonely if i don't have you ? ? the holiday's just another day that's cold standing all alone under the mistletoe ? ? i don't feel the cheer ooh without you here there's no red and white stripes on a candy cane ? ? and silent night just wouldn't sound the same where'd the magic go ?
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you is like a present without a bow ? ? ? ? ? before we know the wreath will come down the halls won't be decked ? ? there'll be no snow on the ground and bring lots of change ? ? if i'm not with you sipping on champagne ? the holiday's just another day that's cold standing all alone under the mistletoe ? ? i don't feel the cheer ooh without you here there's no red and white stripes on a candy cane ?
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where'd the magic go ? ? all i know is me without you is like a present without a bow ? ? ? ? ? ? ? the holiday's just another day that's cold standing all alone under the mistletoe ? ? i don't feel the cheer ooh without you here there's no red and white stripes on a candy cane ? ? and silent night just wouldn't sound the same where'd the magic go ? ? all i know is me without you is like a present without a bow ?
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? oh me without you is like a present without a bow ? ? ? oh me without you is like a present without a bow ? ? ? ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. kacey musgraves!
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now. we'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause ]
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to emma stone, jeffrey dean morgan, kacey musgraves once again! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. bye-bye, everybody. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? ? >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- casey affleck.
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from "snl," comedian michael che. featuring the 8g band with atom willard. ? [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] good to hear. very good to hear. in that case let's get to the news. hillary clinton made her first appearance since the election "there had been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs and never leave the house again." oh, sure, now you're relatable. [ laughter ] a&e has announced that they're canceling the controversial show "duck dynasty." on the bright side, we're getting at least four whole seasons of "dick dynasty." [ laughter ]
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vice president-elect mike pence was seen today was seen using a selfie stick while posing with a group of house republicans. of course, right after using the selfie stick pence had to go to confession. [ laughter and applause ] the "harry potter" spinoff "fantastic beasts and where to find them" came out today. spoiler alert. they're in a gold tower. [ laughter and applause ] according to a new report, donald trump's transition team still has not contacted the pentagon. apparently, they can't find that shape on the phone. [ laughter ] "i'm having no luck here. i've called triangle like 50 times. [ laughter ] they keep putting me through to square. square said he was circle." [ laughter ] nissan is now offering a limited
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to promote the new movie "star wars: rogue one" featuring a collectible helmet, because nothing says great car like a complimentary helmet. [ laughter ] a team of researchers has developed a new form of construction glass that will keep birds from flying into closed windows, and i have to say it's pretty innovative. [ laughter ] as i mentioned, the house republican twitter account posted a selfie of vice president-elect mike pence with a room full of gop congressmen "unified." take a look at this photo. wow. wow. that means it's time for eight jokes about mike pence's selfie. [ laughter ] here we go! [ cheers and applause ] let's get started. here's how white that photo is. they took it in a dark room without a flash. [ laughter ] the caption on the photo is "unified," but i think a better
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out? this is a video. [ laughter ] they put that picture on instagram and it got 20,000 yikes. [ laughter ] halfway there, guys. [ light laughter ] that picture is so white, it got picked up for two seasons on amazon prime. [ laughter ] look at this. it looks like the black friday line outside williams-sonoma. [ laughter ] that's the most white people in one photo since the duggar family christmas car ladies and gentlemen, the cast and crew of "frasier." [ laughter ] and finally, that was eight jokes about that photo. yeah, give it up. [ cheers and applause ] give it up. give it up for six of them. and finally, c-span has begun life-streaming footage of the elevators at trump tower. let's take a look. ? >> seth: we've got a great show
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he is the star of the new film "manchester by the sea." it truly is an incredible film. he's one of our favorites here. casey affleck is back on the show, you guys. [ cheers and applause ] she's one of the stars of tnt's "the librarians," rebecca romijn is joining us, everyone. [ cheers and applause ] and you know him from "snl." he's also got a new stand-up special on netflix. one of my favorites, guys. michael che is joining us tonight to talk about his special "michael che matters." before we get to all that, presidential transitions are history remembers the presidency far more than the transition. but we're starting to get signals from trump takeover about how he'll govern. for more on this it's time for "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: now, no one expects any actual cabinet picks this early in the process, but reports about the inner workings of the transition have not been great. >> trump transition in turmoil. the president-elect's team plagued by infighting. >> some are describing it as
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>> disarray, turmoil, infighting. this is not going smoothly. >> one trump adviser says it's like "game of thrones." >> seth: that's right. it's like "game of thrones." in other words, we are now way past the part that the original author had in mind. [ laughter and applause ] one of the most -- one of the first and most important responsibilities of a president-elect is to communicate with foreign heads of state, especially allies. but event task for the trump team right now. as "the new york times" reported, foreign leaders didn't know how to get in touch with trump and american allies were blindly dialing into trump tower to try to reach the soon to be leader of the free world. and knowing trump, he's probably charging them for the phone calls. >> are you looking to talk to the leader of the free world? [ laughter ] because he's dying to talk to you. [ laughter ] only $2.99 for the first minute and $1.99 each minute after that.
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approve this message. [ laughter ] >> seth: in fact, true story. true story. the prime minister of australia, a close u.s. ally, was only able to get in touch with trump after the australian ambassador to the united states got trump's personal phone number from australian golfer and trump friend, greg norman. so u.s. diplomacy is currently being conducted through professional golfers. [ light laughter ] is this what you had in mind, disenfranchised working-class voters? [ laughter ] also, greg so in order for the prime minister of australia to talk to our next president, he had to say, "this sounds like a job for the shark." [ laughter ] now, trump has said he'll schedule meetings with foreign leaders soon, specifically theresa may, the prime minister of britain. arguably america's most important ally. but even those encounters might be awkward. british politician nigel farra seen here with trump in what appears to be scrooge mcduck's panic room? [ light laughter ]
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chaperone at that meeting. >> i've got to say, come and schmooze, theresa. don't touch her, for goodness sake. [ laughing ] >> if he does, only in an affectionate way. >> well, if it comes to it, i could be there as a responsible adult, couldn't i? make sure everything's okay. >> seth: ha, ha, ha, ha. worry not, however. as i sha b say, london underground. ha, ha, ha, ha. assault. [ laughter ] you can see the entire donald trump-theresa may meeting re-enacted in the critically acclaimed series "downton grabby." [ laughter ] now, trump has apparently already spoken with may and according to a leaked transcript reported by the "guardian" newspaper, trump told her, quote, "if you travel to the u.s. you should let me know." you think she's just going to pop over?
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she's not kramer. [ laughter ] uh. [ laughter ] hello, governor! so what's trump doing instead of overseeing a smooth transition? well, there's this odd story from a reporter covering trump. the reporter said he saw a professional skateboarder, billy rowan, in the lobby of trump's building on wednesday. rowan said he met with trump earlier today and came away impressed. rowan claimed he told trump to spread peace by building skate parks around the world. he said trump was receptive to the idea. trump met with a skateboarder? son barron freaky friday when we weren't looking? [ laughter ] but the source of most of the turmoil inside the trump team seems to be infighting over positions and appointments and a slew of firings of people who were supposed to be running the transition team. new jersey governor chris christie was supposed to have been in charge, but he was pushed aside after the election by trump son-in-law jared kushner. which might have something to do with the fact that christie sent kushner's father to jail. >> jared kushner, donald trump's
1:30 am
wrong way with a hand in purging the transition team of people connected to new jersey governor chris christie. back in 2004 christie, then a u.s. attorney in new jersey, prosecuted kushner's father charles, a billionaire real estate development. charles kushner was accused of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and other violations. it became a shakespearean drama with charles kushner's own relatives including a sister turning against him. in a sordid revenge plot, charles kushner hired a motel room. the encounter was taped and charles kushner sent the tape to his sister. it didn't work. >> seth: seems like a chill guy. [ laughter ] also, christie's been angling for a job this whole time knowing he put trump's son-in-law's father in jail. what did he think was going to happen? i'll just kiss trump's ass and throw away all my remaining dignity, but it will all be worth it if his son-in-law forgets that incredibly traumatic time when i put his
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chris christie's got a new best plan ever. [ laughter ] in fact nbc news reported the trump transition team was undergoing a quote, "stalinesque purge from the transition of people close to christie." you can just imagine trump's response to being called stalinesque. "it's true. i am kind of like a stallion." [ laughter ] "beautiful golden mane." [ laughter ] and that actually underscores a potentially troubling precedent that seems to be taking shape in the trump transition. trump needs to fill thousands of and he needs competent, experienced people around him. but instead, he seems to be firing or rejecting people based purely on loyalty. for example, a few days ago, a veteran g.o.p. national security expert named elliott cohen recommended to other anti-trump republicans that they serve in the trump administration for the good of the country. but after talking to the trump transition team, cohen changed his mind saying, quote, "they're angry, arrogant, screaming, you lost. we'll be ugly. it became clear to me that they view jobs as lollipops, things
1:32 am
girls." lollipops. i'm telling you. we got [ bleep ] freaky fridayed. [ laughter ] "no lollipop for you and you have to eat my broccoli." [ light laughter ] the turmoil has apparently scared a lot of qualified national security officials away from serving in the trump administration. as one national security official put it, quote, "normally you'd be attracting the best and brightest at the beginning of an administration, but people are nervous. is this a sure bet or is it a house of cards that's going to fall apartrt?" but come on, when haum apart? oh, right. his casinos, which were literal houses of cards. [ laughter ] the information we do have so far includes some worrisome names. for example, there's one of trump's reported candidates for national security adviser, retired lieutenant general michael flynn, who was forced out of the obama administration and stirred controversy in february when he tweeted, quote, "fear of muslims is rational." when you write the word "rational" in all caps, it disproves itself. [ light laughter ]
1:33 am
you're the one who's not calm!" [ light laughter ] in fact, several of the names being floated for trump's cabinet sent disturbing signals about his positions on civil liberties. for example, one of the names floated for secretary of defense is arkansas senator tom cotton. cotton has said he agrees with trump's proposal to bring back torture techniques like waterboarding, which are currently illegal under both u.s. and international law. >> do you agree with him that torture works and waterboarding and much worse would be a good idea? >> waterboarding isn't torture. we do waterboarding to our own >> that's in training. but the u.s. doesn't do it anymore. they've stopped. >> but we've done it in the past -- >> you think the u.s. should do it again? >> and radio djs volunteer for it. >> seth: radio djs? [ light laughter ] you're basing u.s. national security on what radio djs are okay with? and if waterboarding doesn't work we're going to hit isis with some prank calls! [ laughter ] trump has shown a consistent disregard for basic constitutional principles like due process, and he inherits
1:34 am
why we need to be more vigilant now than ever. and the aclu has taken up that call, issuing a stern warning to trump after the election, quote, "should president-elect donald trump attempt to implement his unconstitutional campaign promises, we'll see him in court." well, joke's on you, aclu. he gets sued so much he's always in court. [ light laughter ] trump is to courtrooms what norm was to "cheers." "don!" this has been "a closer look." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we'll be right back [ cheers and applause ] ? this holiday, get an amazing deal on america's most awarded brand, during the ford year end event. ford, the brand with the most 5-star ratings... the highest owner loyalty... and award-winning value from kelley blue book.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] he's been with us all week on drums. and his band's latest album from against me!, atom willard, everybody. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> seth: it's been a fantastic week. our first guest is an oscar-nominated actor who has starred in films like "gone baby gone" and "interstellar." his new movie "manchester by the sea" will be in theaters tomorrow. let's take a look. [ laughter ] >> hey. you want to keep it down, you [ bleep ] morons? my kids are sleeping. >> i am so sorry.
1:39 am
>> lee, you want to get these [ bleep ] pinheads out of my house, please? >> yeah, i do. i mean i really do. >> she can't talk to us that way. >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> oh! >> come on back -- >> i'm not [ bleep ] around. >> seth: please welcome back to the show casey affleck, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: how are you? >> great. >> seth: it's really good to see you again. >> thanks, i just want to clear something up. you're not a donald trump supporter, then? >> seth: it's on the -- i'm trying to be very coy about it. i try to keep my audience guessing. [ laughter ] >> i get it. >> seth: this movie -- i was telling you backstage, this is a
1:40 am
massachusetts. >> yeah. >> seth: and you know it takes place in massachusetts because you've got to like bleep three f words in any -- anytime the movie takes place i feel like -- but is it true you that originally did not want to do a massachusetts accent in this? you didn't want to have the boston accent? >> yeah, for a minute i thought maybe i wouldn't do a massachusetts accent, a boston accent because, you know, they're hard -- sometimes they're hard to get right. it was a big cast. i'd done it before in movies, and i thought like how about we not do it? and then that was shot down. but you, you're from-- >> seth: yeah, southern new hampshire. massachusetts. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, i think that's -- >> it's like the grumpy cousin of massachusetts. >> seth: yeah. nobody counts -- it's such a bummer. when i used to go to red sox games and people would say, "oh, that's cool, you grew up here?" and i'd say, "well -- new hampshire." and it's like people in boston would be like, "no." [ laughter ] >> they'd be like, "no." except when they want to buy beer on sundays. it's like, "boom, new hampshire, we gotta get there," yeah. >> seth: exactly, then we're everybody's best friend. come on down to new hampshire. >> that's a law not many people know about. >> seth: but, yeah -- >> you can't buy beer on sunday in massachusetts. >> seth: so it's real classy. us people in new hampshire, we put our liquor stores right on the border.
1:41 am
it as easy as possible for you to come and buy your liquor from us. >> nah, i've seen you there -- >> seth: yeah, exactly. [ laughter ] i work a shift, one -- one shift a year just to stay close to my roots. [ laughter ] and then but i see what you mean because you obviously are from the area. a boston accent must not be intimidating for you. right? well, i mean you can do it -- but then i see what you mean about the rest of the cast then. you've got to worry about them. >> yeah, i was worried about them. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] because if there's one person who doesn't have it it's a problem. >> yeah, sort of and it's inconsistent. and also, i don't know there -- also people don't have them. >> seth: right. >> not everybody in massachusetts has that strong of an accent. like they're people like me grew up there and don't really have a boston accent. so i thought maybe we'll just do this movie without them. >> seth: yeah, i'm glad you did. >> thanks. [ laughter ] >> seth: were people in manchester, massachusetts excited you were there? is that a place -- >> they love it. you know, sometimes you go to massachusetts, these are my people so, i can say this. but they'll start out being very supportive. they're like, "we love you, thank you for coming. you're the best."
1:42 am
[ bleep ] out of here. [ laughter ] go back to hollywood, you [ bleep ]." [ laughter ] but -- >> seth: yeah, that's about right. >> yeah. >> seth: which is interesting because that's my -- because when i go home for thanksgiving, i feel like it's the same thing. first day, everybody's super psyched. >> right. and then your family is like -- >> seth: and then by day two -- >> get the -- seth get the [ bleep ] out of here! [ laughter ] >> seth: that's about right. >> yeah. >> seth: this movie is already getting a lot of attention. i don't know if you've heard, there's oscabu >> tell me about it. >> seth: it's -- there's -- >> come on, no, tell me -- >> seth: it's a low -- right now it's a low buzz but i feel like -- >> you think it's low? >> seth: no, i just think you can hear it coming. >> but, compared to other people it's? >> seth: it's very high. >> that's high. >> seth: yeah, when you compare it to other films, it's doing a lot better than them, buzz wise. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: but you don't strike me as a person who is particularly happy to get attention for you work one way or the other. >> i love it. >> seth: you do? okay because i completely misread it. [ laughter ] i completely misread it. >> i'd like to talk about it a little bit more, how much time do we got? [ laughter ] what is that buzz?
1:43 am
me last time you were here we were talking about the oscars, you weren't nominated last year, i'm so sorry. >> wasn't i? >> seth: i don't think you were last year. >> no, that's right. >> seth: but you even told me you had plans on oscar night, you weren't going to watch the oscars. is that true? did you not watch the oscars last year? >> i can't remember. >> seth: i don't even remember myself. i don't know why i'm asking you. >> yeah. >> seth: like being a dickhead and being like, "did you?" and i don't have any memory of it. >> yeah, right, i'm sure i did, i like, you know, i like you, it's fun. >> seth: yeah! >> i mean, there's great actors out there. >> seth: yeah, it's the more you see them -- >> and you t >> seth: yeah. >> i'm not like that. >> seth: well, i've never had buzz. >> i have an appreciation for people who do really spent their life to the arts and you just want to put them down. >> seth: yeah, i do. >> which is weird. [ laughter ] >> seth: i, well -- let me explain, though. i feel less than them and only in putting them down do i feel that i can even the score. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: this, though of all your accomplishments this year, i want to know if this story's true. i heard you that helped deliver a baby on a train. >> well, that's semi-true. >> seth: okay, even semi-true's pretty impressive.
1:44 am
>> thanks for bringing this up, first of all. >> seth: you're welcome. [ laughter ] you're getting a lot of buzz in the obgyn community. [ laughter ] >> i'm a hero. but it boils down to -- i don't know, it's a long story can i suffice to say i'm a hero. >> seth: right. >> an american hero. [ laughter ] i saved someone else's life once. i didn't save this woman's life. but i did save someone's life. they were falling off a building and i saved their life. >> seth: wow! >> i talked about it on another talk show. what i like to do, is when i do a good deed, i go out in front -- get the biggest audience i can and talk about it. [ laughter ] >> seth: do you ever -- for example, you have a talk show appearance coming up and you haven't saved a life recently -- >> i drive around. i'm like some [ bleep ] better happen. [ laughter ] what if some people need some -- yeah. that was kind of true. i didn't deliver the baby on the train, although i did tell her -- i kind of lied to her. i said, "i've delivered two babies, don't worry, i got this." >> seth: okay. >> now, i had never delivered two babies. [ laughter ] but i have had -- i have two sons.
1:45 am
yeah, i had them delivered. >> seth: it's like me saying, "i make dominos." [ laughter ] >> yeah, exactly. it was comforting to her, though. >> seth: yeah. >> so that's what matters in that moment. >> seth: where were you on the train? >> i was taking the train from l.a. up to -- i was going to canada, but the train, amtrak, stops at the border for some reason. >> seth: yeah. >> so i was getting off at seattle. it was an overnight train. and i was -- i was in the middle of the night, i woke up and i heard this -- someone screaming outside. >> seth: wow. >> it was in a little tiny like a cell you sleep, but door's closed. everything's metal. it's like jail. and i got up and i looked out and there was a woman like bracing herself in the hall, very pregnant, crying and screaming. and i said, "what's the matter?" [ laughter ] and, i should have figured it out. right then she knew she wasn't in good hands. [ laughter ] >> seth: right, exactly. i bet when you said, "i've delivered two kids," she thought back to that sentence, "no, you didn't." >> she had to explain it to me, which was not good. she said, "i'm going into labor and i'm all alone." and i said, "i'm going to find
1:46 am
no one would answer their door. one person pulled the curtain, looked at me and then closed the curtain again -- amtrak's great. i take it everywhere. i really love taking the train, but it's also -- overnight can be a little sketchy. >> seth: it is sketchy. >> they thought like why is this dude banging on my door? i didn't look like this totally. but almost. and so no one opened up. so i went back to her room and i sat with her and the contractions are getting closer and closer together. and i was fearing that it was going to come and i said, "have you ever had a baby before?" some complications. there was other things so i had to have a c-section. and i thought, oh, man, we're in trouble here. [ laughter ] >> seth: right. >> and on every train car there's also supposed to be someone who works there and that woman was not coming out of her room, either, probably also afraid of me. and so finally, i went upstairs and i realized that this was urgent and something had to be done. and i -- so i did the old movie like you see the emergency switch. >> seth: oh, wow. >> and i grabbed it and i pulled
1:47 am
for a long time. [ laughter ] >> seth: sure, yeah. you knew right where it was. >> that's what it was all about. are you pregnant? let me just -- boom. [ laughter ] and it didn't stop the train, but it made the loudest noise i've ever heard in my life. >> seth: oh wow. >> and it was like this small metal hallway. like -- anyway, so finally that got the people up. people started opening their doors. i sent someone to get conductor of the train. he came back. i said we've got to stop the train. he said, "there's no stop for another three hours." in the middle of a national park on the border of california and i said, "you've got to do it anyway." so he looked on our phones, a little gps on the phone, and he called ahead and an ambulance -- there was a little road that went through the national park and they stopped the train there, we got her off. >> seth: wow. >> got her, boom, done. and then i said -- i kind of thought -- it was a big moment for me. >> seth: sure. >> i'm felt very bonded to this woman. i'm leaving out that like i sat with her for a long time. she was in labor, her water broke right there, i was sitting with her, and she'd given me her i.d. because she thought she might die or something, she
1:48 am
>> i thought she would name the baby after me. >> seth: right. [ laughter ] >> and when i called the hospital -- i knew what hospital she was going to because i asked the paramedics. and the next day i called the hospital and they put me through to her room and she didn't remember me. [ laughter ] so it was a bigger moment for me than it was for her. but i still feel like i did some good. >> seth: i think you did excellent. [ cheers and applause ] thanks for being back. and congrats on the film. it's really fantastic. casey affleck everybody. "manchester by the sea" opens in theaters tomorrow. we'll be right back with rebecca romijn. ? ? ? ? ?
1:49 am
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a talented actress who you know her from "ugly betty" as well as from her portrayal of mystique in the x-men films. she stars in the tnt series "the librarians," which returns for its third season november 20th. let's take a look. ?
1:53 am
over the sub? >> only auxiliary power. propulsion. >> okay, listen carefully. i need you to throttle the propellers to maximum speed and come straight at us. >> i'm sorry. you want to get blown out sooner? >> it takes at least 400 yards for a torpedo to arm itself. the closer you get to the museum the hardest it is to detonate. >> that makes sense. almost. >> six, five, four, three, two. ? >> seth: please welcome to the [ cheers and applause ] ? >> seth: how are you? >> i'm great. thanks for having me. >> seth: so happy to have you. >> nice to meet you. >> seth: nice to meet you as well. i know your husband jerry o'connell. >> yes. >> seth: i've known him for years. and i know you guys live in l.a.
1:54 am
>> jerry's a new yorker. born and raised in chelsea. >> seth: and is it true that when you used to come back here you would stay at his parents' house? >> just up until this year we've been staying at jerry's mommy's and daddy's for the last 12 years. >> seth: oh, my god, for 12 years. >> yeah. >> seth: what is it like? what is his childhood -- >> it's umm -- you know, it's crazy. i mean, it's a real -- it's like an o'connell museum. >> seth: oh, really? >> yes. it's -- they bought it in the '70s. i don't think they've updated it since then. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, got you. >> umm -- it's just -- it's layered. >> seth: well, that was when new york wts [ laughter ] >> it's original. >> seth: yeah. >> umm -- you know, his parents are very sort of new york bohemian artist background. >> seth: got ya. >> so there's like great art on the walls. mixed with every single project jerry has ever been involved with. >> seth: movie posters on the wall? >> movie posters. >> seth: oh, wow. >> like, you know, great art right next to a "kangaroo jack" poster. >> seth: got you. >> any -- any clipping from any -- anything has been framed on every surface.
1:55 am
something that would be true of your childhood at home? did your parents have the same -- >> my parents are also -- i'm from berkeley, california. also sort of a bohemian background. >> seth: got you. >> they're not quite as -- they've edited along the way. >> seth: okay. yeah, yeah. that's good. well, then it must be nice for you to be -- >> i do like it. there's something very comforting about it. you know, you never see anything in manhattan like that. it's just -- >> seth: well it's funny 'cause -- now that we have a kid i realize we'll never have another piece of anything of mine in the house ever again. like, it's immediately about that child's accomplishments. are like nothing yet. he's only eight months old. >> yes. congratulations, by the way. >> seth: thank you. but i'm losing a lot of the focus from my wife. that's what i'm saying. >> sure. that's -- that's got to be hard too. >> seth: i host a talk show and i come home and i have to talk about how he ate a carrot for like 45 minutes. >> no i get it. yeah. >> seth: you've been there. >> i've been there. >> seth: yeah. >> with twins. >> seth: yeah, there you go. >> and wait till he starts drawing all over everything. our kids, who also have an artistic streak, thought that everything in our house to be decorated. like all the antiques -- >> seth: true artists. >> all the furniture, the walls.
1:56 am
in. and i hated it at first and now it's like, you know, they're going to be eight-years-old and now i look at it, it's perfect. [ laughter ] you know what, they were right. all this stuff did need to be colored in. [ laughter ] >> seth: so, your show "the librarians," as we can see from the clip, there is a lot of special effects in this show. >> a lot of special effects. >> seth: is this one of those shows where as an actor you're often have no sense of what you're supposed to be looking at? >> we have no idea. we need them to describe absolutely everything to us. we watch the finished result al told exactly what it is we're looking at. like is it a spark or an explosion? how far does it go? where is it traveling? where are we looking? it's all in our imagination. >> seth: have you ever accidentally given spark reaction to an explosion? >> it has happened. >> seth: and then people think your character is ice cold. [ laughter ] another role that you're famous for is mystique in x-men, and that is -- that was obviously special effects as well but a
1:57 am
painted. right? >> that was basically a human being painted. >> seth: this was not a cgi gig. >> that was not cgi. that was all done. that took nine hours every day. >> seth: nine hours? >> they would bring me in at midnight for a 9:00 a.m. call time. >> seth: oh my goodness. >> and then nothing was a secret ever. i left a lot of blue paint behind me everywhere i went. >> seth: yeah. this would not be a good way to be a cat burglar. >> terrible. >> seth: yeah. >> like blue toilet seats. >> seth: yeah, well, what can you do? >> people were like oh, mystique was in here. [ laughter ] >> seth:nd you know there's that cosplay thing where people go to places like comic-con and they dress like -- >> yeah. >> seth: have you ever seen one -- 'cause it would seem to me this would be the impossible one to pull off in public. >> you know, it's a terrible halloween costume for little girls. >> seth: yep. >> i don't recommend it. >> seth: no. i think you would be able to -- >> completely -- completely inappropriate. >> seth: if you let your child do that you should be on a watch list. >> yep, definitely. [ laughter ] i don't recommend it. it's not a great halloween costume for little girls. but at comic-con, which, you know, and i love comic-con. it's for geeks. it's for sci-fi geeks. it's for fringe people. it brings -- >> seth: but it's a safe awesome
1:58 am
>> to celebrate being fringe people. >> seth: i dig it. >> yeah. exactly. i have run into people dressed up as -- who do cosplay as mystique at the comic-cons. there was one who did a really good job except for she was purple. >> seth: oh, that's not good. >> that's one glaring mistake. >> seth: that's a huge -- >> i hated to have to point that out. >> seth: but sometimes you get to the paint store and they're out of mystique. >> they're out of mystique blue. [ laughter ] >> seth: you're like, i'll take grimace. [ laughter ] so you -- to stay in line with painting, you were the first got the body paint. >> yeah. >> seth: and this was in '99. >> yeah. >> seth: and that was sort of -- you were a model in the '90s. >> i was a model in the '90's for those of you who don't know. >> seth: have you noticed -- was there something -- you were a huge model in the '90s. >> i was a passable model in the '90s. >> seth: you were a huge -- when my friends and i got together and talked about models -- >> yep. really? >> seth: you were top of our list. [ laughter ] do you -- what was -- do you feel like modeling has changed? was there something unique to the '90s? >> well, fashion always changes. so modeling always changes. but there -- you know, i mean, i
1:59 am
some signature -- >> seth: what's a signature catalog move from the '90s? >> i mean, there's hailing the taxi. >> seth: oh, that's very good. yeah, i've seen that. >> there's hailing the taxi. and there's certain like -- there's like a step and repeat like -- [ laughter ] any -- if you are any '90s model worth your weight you did that move. and not for the faint of heart. >> seth: and how many times would you have to do it per outfit? >> you would have to do it for like 12 hours straight. >> yeah, it's mind -- >> seth: i don't know what's worse -- i don't know which i'd like to be less, the step and repeat or the getting painted purple. >> well i -- yes. i didn't get painted purple. i got painted blue. >> seth: oh right. wait, you were mystique? >> yeah. >> seth: okay, got you. >> i was -- [ laughter ] >> seth: that's right. i'm a huge fan. [ laughter ] thank you so much for being here, rebecca. such a pleasure to meet you. >> thank you for having me. thanks for having me. >> seth: rebecca romijn, everybody. the third season of "the librarians" premieres november 20th on tnt. we'll be right back with michael che. [ cheers and applause ]
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our next guest is a very funny comedian you know as the co-anchor of "saturday night live's" "weekend update." "snl" returns this week with host kristen wiig and musical guests the xx. and his new stand-up special
2:05 am
please welcome back to the show our very good friend michael che. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> how are you feeling? >> seth: the new james bond. >> yeah, man. welcome to trump's america. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> seth: you look fantastic. >> thank you. thank you. >> seth: i feel like this is the biggest difference between the last time you -- the outfit from the last time a guest was on because last time you were here we did a live show after the conventions. >> i looked like garbage. yes. >> seth: jeans, sweatshirt. but you look fantastic. >> well, you know, ever since i was a kid i'd watch def jam. and all of the black comedians dressed like this. [ laughter ] in the mid '90s. >> seth: this was the look? >> bernie mac, shuckey duckey, all of them. and so i'm trying to get back to my roots. >> seth: there you go.
2:06 am
election shows. last week dave chappelle, a fantastic episode. >> yeah, that was so much fun. [ applause ] >> seth: was it -- i'm jealous you got to spend a whole week working with a sketch pro like chappelle. >> i mean, it's weird how like -- how just in sync he is immediately. like, he hadn't been on tv in so long and he just was just like rolling like he never left. it was kind of crazy. and what a week to be on. >> seth: sure. it was a great week in that as soon as that monologue started, ic just immediately felt you were in perfect hands. >> you're like oh, yeah, i forgot i'm watching the greatest comedian living. >> seth: and perfect time i would say for this week with kristen wiig coming back. >> yeah. it's also -- it's a different kind of thing. that's how cool "snl" is, is that there be two completely different kinds of hosts but also just on the right time, just right on the same track. >> seth: we mentioned last time you were here, we talked about the conventions, and you and jost were saying completely different what you experienced
2:07 am
with the democrats. and do you -- is that shape now how the outcome -- how you perceive the outcome? >> we should have saw this coming. >> seth: you're saying that now. >> we should have saw this coming. because when you go to the convention for the republicans they were happy and celebrating. they were all having a great time. and then when you see hillary, the democrats' convention, there was people booing. they were heckling. they were crying. they still thought bernie had a chance. and i was like, oh, no, they're going to be in a popularity contest? good for her. >> seth: no. they liked the people that are having fun. >> it's the tuxedo. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, the other thing i want to ask about is you have this netflix special. this is very exciting. but you did it before the election, obviously. >> yea >> seth: is there things now based on the result you that wish were in there or do you -- are you happy with it? >> i mean you -- every time you tape comedy you want to do it the next day just because you're like oh, man, you know so much more every time. but there's a lot of stuff that


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